March 23, 2017

(Subject to Change)


Today’s Lunch:  Chicken taco, refried beans, fruit, muffin, milk



Kindergarten Screenings:  8:30 – 2:30 PM Little Gym

HS Track Meet @ Sherwood:  4:00 PM Leave at 2:15 PM

Baseball Game (H) LaMonte:  5:00 PM

Softball Game (H) LaMonte:  5:00 PM

HS Boys Golf Practice:  3:30 PM

JH Track Practice:  3:30 – 4:30 PM – Meet at the Cemetery.

FFA- Area 8 LDE's competition was a great success last night at California. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, and congratulations on your accomplishments. Good luck to all of you who are advancing to the next level. Keep working hard and staying focused.


FFA Knowledge- Matilyn Hayes, Jacob Musgrave, Karina Taushanzhi, and Breanna Walker (3rd Place, Gold) Advancing to Districts


Creed Speaking- Ada Tucker (Silver)


Treasurer's Book- Eric Ray (1st Place, Gold) Advances to State


Secretary's Book - Madison Billingsley (1st Place, Gold) Advances to State


Scrapbook - Lexi Perriguey (5th Place, Silver)


Record books - Jeanette Berry (1st Place) Advances to State, Walker Dove (2nd place), Ada Tucker (3rd place), and Keaton Gibbs (4th Place)


Good Job everyone and thank you!


7th Grade Softball for tonight’s game:  Jerrica Leonard, Daniel Izoita, Milana Kondratyuck, Nathanael Hilt.  Be at concession by 4:00 PM

7th Grade Softball Concession Stand Workers:  for 3/24 game is:  Sophia Weis, Amethyst Spade, and Michael Smith.  Be at concession by 4:30 PM