Kind of Meeting               Place                        Time                Month/Day/Year            Day of Week

Open Session                    Board Room             6:30 PM           July 20, 2016                Wednesday



                        Present                                                                        Administrators

Barry White, President                                                  Mrs. Cara Easter, Supt of Schools

Sam Dove, Secretary                                                     Rodney Edington, High School Principal

Mark Haverly, Vice-President                                        Rachel Hammers, Elementary Principal, Absent

Gale Dillon                                                                   Angie Hagedorn, Special Ed Coordinator

Tim Dove                                                                     Audrey Harding, Treasurer

Roy Martin                                                                  

Ed Hopkins                                                                                          


                                                                                    Rhonda Hilt                  Lori Larimore

                                                                                    Tracy Thomas               Jacki Thomas

                                                                                    Staci Harrison               Brandon Harrison

                                                                                    Heather Bridges            Melissa Zimmerschied 

                                                                                    Kenny Ollison              Bob Stone

                                                                                    Julie Drum                                                                              



President Barry White called the Open Session meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



Mr. White requested of the audience that anyone wishing to speak under the visitors section to please sign up to do so.  Staci Harrison, Brandon Harrison and Jacki and Tracy Thomas signed up to speak.  Mrs. Easter requested that Rhonda Hilt be allowed to speak under the Professional Development committee report, Item A in Visitors/Communications/Committee Report in Pam Harrison’s absence and to have Brandon Harrison moved to Bullying, Item B under New Business.  Mr. Edington requested to add first day of practice information under Coaches, Item B in Visitors/Communications/Committee Report.

Mr. Haverly made a motion to approve the agenda as amended. 2nd by Mr. Dillon.

Vote:    7 Yes    0 No



The bills for July were presented.

Mr. Dillon made a motion to approve the bills as presented for July. 2nd by Mrs. Martin.

Vote:    7 Yes    0 No



A.    Rhonda Hilt – Mrs. Hilt, representing the CTA, requested that the board assist in the purchasing of new matching shirts for the staff.  Mr. Haverly made a motion that the board will pay for $10.00 per shirt for the approximately 65 staff members.  2nd by Mr. White. 

Vote:    7 Yes    0 No 


B.      Coaches – This item will be discussed later in the meeting.


C.     Staci Harrison – Mrs. Harrison spoke to the board about having more transparency with the community.  She would like to see meetings be put on the school calendar and for the school’s webpage to be up to date and have all links in working order. 


D.    Jackie Thomas – Mrs. Thomas asked the board what the criteria is for teachers and if the teacher must be certified in a subject before being allowed to teach it.  Mr. Edington and Mrs. Easter explained that the teacher must be certified in order to teach a core subject.  Teachers can also be provisionally certified by DESE to teach the core subject.   


E.      Lori Larimore – Mrs. Larimore, Varsity Volleyball Coach, informed the board of the plan for an overnight event for the fall athletes participating in volleyball, soccer, and golf.  The event will begin on Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. with a BBQ and other activities.  The athletes will begin practice at 12:01 a.m. the next morning, which is the exact minute that MSHSAA will allow fall practices to begin, followed by activities, a movie, and breakfast.  The event, including the meals, will be held at the Rec Center and practices will be held at school. 







  1. Mr. Edington, High School Principal, no report presented.


  1. Mrs. Hammers, Elementary Principal, Absent, no report presented.


  1. Mrs. Hagedorn, Special Education Coordinator, no report presented.


  1. Mrs. Easter, Superintendent


Mrs. Easter discussed the financial report and the final 2015-2016 budget.  She also informed the board of upcoming events, such as bus training on August 9 and Open House on August 22, from 6:00-7:30 p.m.  She is currently in the process of planning staff workdays and gave the board a brief overview of the current plans and is working on setting a date for 7th grade orientation. 




A.    Set Board Walkthrough, Tax Rate Hearing, and Regular meeting time for August – Mrs. Dillon made a motion to set the Wednesday, August 17th meeting as follows:  5:45 – Board meet new staff, 6:00- Board Walkthrough, 6:30 – Tax Rate Hearing, and 7:00 – Regular Board Meeting.  2nd by Mr. Haverly.

Vote:  7 Yes   0 No


B.     Bulling Survey Results and Program Implementation Information – Mrs. Easter presented the results of the bullying survey that was conducted during the 2015-16 school year.  She also informed the audience and the board of plans that are in place for future bullying, harassment, and suicide prevention training for students and staff. 


C.     Information Review for CSIP Plan and Planning Committee – Mrs. Easter presented the revised CSIP plan and answered any questions regarding the plan. 

Vote:  7 Yes   0 No


D.    Adopt Green Ridge Foundational Principles of Effective Governance Document (based on MSBA guidelines) - Mr. White read over the highlights of the policy.  Mr. Tim Dove made a motion to adopt the Foundational Principles of Effective Governance.  2nd by Mr. Hopkins. 

Vote:  7 Yes   0 No


E.     Five Year Plan Review and Discussion – Mrs. Easter went over the five year plan with the board.  She asked the board members to review the items on the list that have yet to be completed and that the remaining items will be readdressed at the August meeting.  She also suggested that a survey be made available for input from the community.    







Mr. Haverly made a motion to close Open Session and go into Closed Session to discuss personnel matters and student issues after a short recess at 8:32.m. 2nd by Mr. Hopkins.

Roll call vote:   7 Yes    0 No





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            Secretary, Board of Education                                       President, Board of Education