Green Ridge R-VIII School District

P.O. Box 70, Green Ridge, Missouri 65332

(660) 527-3315   Fax: (660) 527- 3299

Accredited with Distinction


                                                            School Board                                                            Administration

                        Barry White – President                  Gale Dillon                                Cara Easter - Superintendent

                              Mark Haverly– Vice President        Sam Dove                                  Rodney Edington - High School Principal

                              Stacey Morton – Secretary              Tim Dove                                  Rachel Hammers – Elementary Principal

                              Jackie Wessel – Treasurer               Roy Martin                                Angela Hagedorn - Special Ed Coordinator     




February 11, 2016



7:00 pm





I.                 Closed Session


a.      Personnel   

















610.021, the Board of Education of Green Ridge R-VIII meet in closed meeting,

with closed record and closed vote, on January 20, 2016 for the purpose of considering:

a.       Lease, purchase, or sale of real estate pursuant to RSMO Sec. 610.021 (2);

b.      Pending legal actions, litigation pursuant to RSMO Sec. 610.021 (1);

c.       Hiring, firing, disciplining, or promotion of personnel pursuant to RSMO Sec. 610.021(3).

d.      Student issues including personally identifiable data pertaining to student records, student assessment, student probation, and student suspension RSMO Sec. 610.021 (6,7)