Kind of Meeting              Place                                    Time                Month/Day/Year          Day of Week

Open Session                   Board Room                        6:30 PM           May 17, 2017              Wednesday



                        Present                                                                                    Administrators

Barry White, President                                                 Aron Bennett, Interim Supt of Schools

Gale Dillon, Vice-President, Absent                            Rodney Edington, High School Principal

            Kenneth Ollison, Treasurer                                          Rachel Hammers, Elementary Principal

Tim Dove                                                                    Angie Hagedorn, Special Ed Coordinator

Mark Haverly                                                                                                             

Ed Hopkins, Absent                                                                             Visitors                                  

Bob Stone, entered meeting at 6:35 PM                                   T.J. Bridges                  Heather Bridges

Audrey Harding, Secretary                                          Paul Fletcher                Erica Goans                

                                                                                    Colton Easter               Patrick Easter

                                                                                    Justin Ray                    Staci Harrison

                                                                                    Rhonda Hilt                 Melissa Brock

                                                                                                Jackie Thomas, entered meeting at 6:40 PM

                                                                                                Lexi Perriguey, entered meeting at 7:15 PM

                                                                                                Angela Crawford, entered meeting at 7:15 PM

                                                                                                Linsey Denny, entered meeting at 7:30 PM



President Barry White called the Open Session meeting to order at 6:32 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



Mr. Haverly made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition of Website Update as Item A under Old Business.  2nd by Mr. Ollison.

Vote:    4 Yes   0 No    3 Absent



The bills for April were presented.  Mr. White made a motion to approve the bills as presented for April.  2nd by Mr. Dove.

Vote:    4 Yes   0 No    3 Absent



A.        None.



A.        Website Update – Mr. Haverly and Staci Harrison, co-chairs for the website design committee, gave an update on the progress of the new website including the decision to use “Jazz” as the template.  The board voted to accept the “Jazz” template. 

Vote:    5 Yes   0 No    2 Absent         


B.     Bus Bids - Mr. Bennett spoke to the board about the bus bids that had been received.  He recommended to the board that a decision not be made until Dr. Burkhart’s employment begins.


C.     August Bond Election – Approve Ballot and Resolution – Mr. Haverly made a motion to approve the August ballot and resolution as presented.  2nd by Mr. Dove. 

Vote:  5 Yes      0 No    2 Absent

Ayes:  Mr. Ollison, Mr. Haverly, Mr. Dove, Mr. Stone, Mr. White

Nays:  None




  1. Mr. Edington, High School Principal


Erica Goans, K-12 Counselor, presented a proposed policy for dual credit to begin the 2017-2018 school year.  Mr. Stone made a motion to accept the policy and that it be added to the student handbook.  2nd by Mr. Haverly

 Vote:  5 Yes     0 No    2 Absent


Mr. Paul Fletcher, varsity track coach, spoke to the board about the success that the track and field team has had this year.  He informed the board that several students would be competing at the state level this Friday and Saturday.  The board gave their best wishes to the track team. 


Mr. Edington presented his written report.  He reported to the board on many of the activities that have been taking place, such as testing, schedule and handbook revisions.  He also informed the board of upcoming events, such as the last day of school and summer school.     


B.     Mrs. Hammers, Elementary Principal

Mrs. Hammers presented her written report.  She reported that MAP testing is over and went very smoothly.  She also reported on student success at the Science Fair, end of year assembly, and elementary field trips. She also informed the board that her tiered monitoring for federal programs has been submitted.   


  1. Mrs. Hagedorn, Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Hagedorn presented her written report.  She spoke to the board about enrollment in the special education department.  She also informed the board that contracted services for speech, physical therapy, and occupational therapy have been selected for the 2017-2018 school year.  She also informed the board that her final data to DESE for desk review has been submitted and that she plans to send special education paraprofessionals to their conference in Sedalia on August 2, 2017. 


  1. Mr. Bennett, Interim Superintendent

1.      Miscellaneous Information - Mr. Bennett informed the board that four light fixtures sold as a result of the lighting auction.  There are still many more available if anyone is interested in purchasing them.  He also informed the board that the floor machine is starting to malfunction and that repair or replacement needs to be considered in the near future.    


2.      Financial Report – Mr. Bennett stated that he will present the budget at the June meeting.  He also informed the board that the ADA for 2016-2017 will end above 350. 



1.      2017-18 Salary Proposal for Certified, Classified, and Extra Duty Staff - Mr. Bennett presented the proposed salary schedule, which includes a 1% raise for administration and classified staff.  Mr. Stone made a motion to approve the salary schedule and 1% raise for administration and classified staff.  2nd by Mr. Dove. 

Vote:  5 Yes     0 No    2 Absent



Mr. Dove made a motion to close Open Session and go into Closed Session to discuss personnel matters, real estate, and student issues after a short recess at 8:07 PM. 2nd by Mr. Ollison.

Roll call vote:  5 Yes   0 No    2 Absent                     




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            Secretary, Board of Education                                     President, Board of Education