Kind of Meeting Place Time Month/Day/Year Day of Week

Open Session Board Room 6:30 PM June 21, 2017 Wednesday



Present Administrators

Barry White, President, Absent Aron Bennett, Interim Supt of Schools

Gale Dillon, Vice-President Rodney Edington, High School Principal

Kenneth Ollison, Treasurer Rachel Hammers, Elementary Principal

Tim Dove Angie Hagedorn, Special Ed Coordinator

Mark Haverly, Absent

Ed Hopkins, Absent Visitors

Bob Stone Dr. Jamie Burkhart Kara Henslee

Audrey Harding, Secretary Rhonda Hilt Brittany Shoop

Melissa Zimmerschied Melissa Brock

Carrie Eilks Staci Harrison

Jeff Ransdell Lena Billings

Roy Martin

Nathan Hardy, entered meeting at 7:09 PM


Vice-President Gale Dillon called the Open Session meeting to order at 6:28 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



Mr. Ollison made a motion to approve the agenda. 2nd by Mr. Dove.

Vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent



The bills for May were presented. Mr. Ollison made a motion to approve the bills as presented for May. 2nd by Mr. Dove.

Vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent



A.        Rhonda Hilt Requested information about the Green Ridge Hall of Fame for CTA. Mr. Ollison said that the information would be available on the school website once finalized.


A.        Approve 2017-2018 Budget Mr. Bennett presented the proposed budget for the 2017-2018 school year. He went over some of the most relevant information with the board. Mr. Dove made a motion to accept the 2017-2018 Budget as presented. 2nd by Mr. Stone.

Vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent


Mr. Bennett also took a moment to express thanks to the board, administration, community, and staff for making his time at Green Ridge great. The board also expressed gratitude to Mr. Bennett for all of his work while at Green Ridge. Mr. Bennett said his good-byes and exited the meeting at 6:44 PM.


  1. Mr. Edington, High School Principal

Mr. Edington did not present a report for this meeting.


B.     Mrs. Hammers, Elementary Principal

Mrs. Hammers did not present a report for this meeting.


  1. Mrs. Hagedorn, Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Hagedorn did not present a report for this meeting.


  1. Dr. Burkhart, Superintendent

1.      Financial Report Dr. Burkhart explained to the board that Simmons Bank needed to have a resolution on file allowing our electronic signatures. Mr. Dove made a motion to approve the resolution to allow electronic signatures. 2nd by Mr. Ollison.

Vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent


2.      Miscellaneous Information Dr. Burkhart reminded the board of MSBA Board/Superintendent Relations workshop on July 10, 2017 at 6:00 PM. She also gave information on new board member training. She also spoke to the board about the MSBA/MASA Board Member Conference in October. Dr. Burkhart also informed the board of an upcoming community survey regarding CSIP/Strategic Planning.




1.      PLC Leadership Team Update Mrs. Hammers, Mr. Edington, and the PLC team presented a slideshow updating the board on PLC progress. Each member presented different information to the board.


2. Jeff Ransdell FBLA Sponsor Mr. Ransdell informed the board of the upcoming national FBLA contest in Anaheim, California and to request permission to attend.

Mr. Dove made a motion to approve the trip. 2nd by Mr. Stone.

Vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent


Mr. Dove made a motion to close Open Session and go into Closed Session to discuss personnel matters, real estate, and student issues after a short recess at 7:32 PM. 2nd by Mr. Ollison.

Roll call vote: 4 Yes 0 No 3 Absent




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