Kind of Meeting              Place                                    Time                Month/Day/Year          Day of Week

Open Session                   Board Room                        6:30 PM           April 19, 2017             Wednesday



                        Present                                                                                    Administrators

Barry White, President                                                 Aron Bennett, Interim Supt of Schools

Gale Dillon, Vice-President                                         Rodney Edington, High School Principal

            Kenneth Ollison, Treasurer                                          Rachel Hammers, Elementary Principal

Tim Dove                                                                    Angie Hagedorn, Special Ed Coordinator

Mark Haverly                                                                                                             

Ed Hopkins                                                                              Visitors                                  

Bob Stone                                                                    Dr. Jamie Burkhart      Roy Martin

Audrey Harding, Secretary                                          Tonia Billingsley          Madison Billingsley                

                                                                                    Jackie Thomas             Ben Banner

                                                                                    Tracy Thomas              Paul Fletcher

                                                                                    Rhonda Hilt                 Melissa Zimmerschied

                                                                                                Cindy Stilfield, exited meeting at 8:02 PM

                                                                                                Staci Harrison, entered meeting at 6:45 PM

                                                                                                Debra Riley, entered meeting at 7:25 PM



President Barry White called the Open Session meeting to order at 6:32 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.



Mrs. Haverly made a motion to approve the agenda.  2nd by Mrs. Dillon.

Vote:    7 Yes   0 No



The bills for March were presented.

Mr. Haverly made a motion to approve the bills as presented for March.  2nd by Mrs. Dillon.

Vote:    7 Yes   0 No



A.        None.



A.        Surplus Property – Survey – Mr. Ollison made a motion to sell the surplus lighting auction style with a $50.00 starting bid per fixture.  The auction will not be advertised in the newspaper, but will be advertised through social media for a period of two weeks.  2nd by Mr. Hopkins. 

Vote:    7 Yes   0 No   


B.      Website Design Committee – Mr. Haverly suggested forming a committee to help design to school’s new website through School Messenger.  Mr. White made a motion to form the committee with Mr. Haverly serving as co-chair and board liaison.  2nd by Mr. Stone. 

Vote:  7 Yes      0 No


Mr. Haverly made a motion to nominate Staci Harrison as co-chairman of the committee.  2nd by Mr. White.

Vote:  7 Yes      0 No


C.      Building Project – Mr. White made a motion to hold a special meeting to discuss the potential bond issue projects at 6:30PM on April 26, 2017.  2nd by Mrs. Dillon. 

Vote:  7 Yes      0 No




  1. Mr. Edington, High School Principal

Mr. Edington presented his written report.  Mr. Edington began by recognizing Madison Billingsley as student of the month.  He also spoke to the board about the testing that is taking place throughout the junior high and high school, including MAP for junior high and EOC testing that starts April 24th for the high school.  He also informed the board about upcoming events such as FFA State Convention, Prom, Graduation, and finals week.


B.     Mrs. Hammers, Elementary Principal

Mrs. Hammers presented her written report.  She reported on her enrollment for the month, informed the board that MAP testing will be the first week of May, and that many classes are planning field trips.  She also reported on federal programs.   She is finishing tiered monitoring and she attended her annual meeting.


Mrs. Hammers also asked 4th grade teacher, Cindy Stilfield, to speak to the board about her new flexible seating arrangement in her classroom.  Mrs. Stilfield was able to raise all of the funds needed for her project through donorschoose.com.  Mrs. Stilfield says that she can see an improvement in scores and in attention levels. 


  1. Mrs. Hagedorn, Special Education Coordinator

Mrs. Hagedorn presented her written report.  She reported her enrollment and that she attended her MSHA 2017 Conference in April as well as special education finance training.    


  1. Mr. Bennett, Interim Superintendent

1.      Financial Report - Mr. Bennett presented financial information for the district to the board. 


2.      Miscellaneous Information – Mr. White made a motion to hire a new elementary teacher for the 2017-2018 school year.  2nd by Mr. Dove. 

Vote:    5 Yes   2 No   



A.     Mr. Stone made a motion to enter a contract with American Alliance for Innovative Systems, LLC for on-site, staff-wide PDC training for the 2017-2018.  2nd by Mr. Ollison.

Vote:    7 Yes   0 No   



Mr. Haverly made a motion to close Open Session and go into Closed Session to discuss personnel matters, real estate, and student issues after a short recess at 8:07 PM. 2nd by Mrs. Dillon.

Roll call vote:  7 Yes   0 No               




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            Secretary, Board of Education                                     President, Board of Education